Sunday, 26 March 2017


Are you a self independent traveler and wish to explore Uganda or East Africa? Hey it’s an opportunity to tour the pearl of Africa on a self drive safari and experience the wheels texture on Ugandan roads. However not every traveler willing to self drive has the skills to drive in a four wheel machine is eligible. Like other countries, one ought to comply with the laws governing the road. Ever since the National Resistance Movement came to power Infrastructure development has been on the fore front especially the roads sector. 

Self drive Car rental in Uganda on our roads to your preferred destinations, like the Murchison falls, the source of the Nile, the impenetrable forests and roads towards ishasha for the tree climbing lions and all attractions that comes to your mind. It’s no more a burden and now history, drive through the game parks and feel the Mother Nature of lush green tropical savanna vegetation. The availability of rental car agencies leave you with abundant choices to choose from their well mechanized 4x4wheel vehicles to maneuver bumpy roads across the country.

Having a driving license is not an automatic password to sit behind the wheels in a country of opportunities. An international driving permit should be your companion in a foreign land to avoid the hassle of queuing at the Face Technology, Uganda’s Institution body responsible for issuing permits both citizens and foreigners. Share with us some conditions or Tips for driving a rental car in Uganda.

Willing to drive with less duress. One to drive in Uganda must be freely willing to sit behind the wheels in order to enjoy the comfort drive .On the other hand one under duress may cause an accident since he is under instructions order.

Must be sober.It’s healthy to have fun with friends and relatives during a self drive trip but not a good idea if you are that person addicted to alcohol or drugs. Before the fun, always have a thought of mind on how to return. If your addiction is irresistible then request for chauffeur services from your trusted  car rental agency, sit back and enjoy the beauty of Uganda

Rental agency should be insured.As important as your life. Never know what’s ahead of you. Does the rental insurance’s policy protect me, how am I overcoming the risk? This reminds me to travel with my insurance policy that covers all the risks in a foreign country. Most of the Uganda car rental agency policies differ from one another. One being collision with another car neglecting other damages incurred. An international insurance policy is advantageous to the third party.

Should be eligible to age compliance. Unlike other countries, age is just a number. According to the constitution of Uganda, 18 years and above qualifies to serious decision making on behalf of the parents. Not only below age but also inexperienced behind the wheels.

Well-versed with the traffic rules. Officers at work smartly dressed in white uniform attires along the high ways and around the streets on your departure from the Airport are visualized. Inspection before your departure of your programmed safari is taken note of.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A sneak look into Queen Elizabeth National park

Remarkably The most visited National Park in Uganda and yes the most closely bio-diverse game reserve in Uganda. The 1980 park continues to rank among the most beautiful areas to visit in Uganda. A lot of attractions within the park bounderies continue to attract many travelers to Uganda and the western Uganda. The combination of the game filled wilderness nested below the western escarpment of the Rift valley and the impressively standing mountains of the moon/Rwenzori Mountains is an incredibly beautiful picture.

Queen Elizabeth National park prides itself with over 95 mammals species, 615 species of Birds, a home to human closest relatives The Chimpanzees, a beautiful series of Crater lakes, a magical rainforest and yes, the famous and Wildlife populated beautiful Kazinga Channel over looked from the Mweya peninsula. 

Divided into sections, The kasenyi sector commonly for the cats, the Ishasha sector commonly for the famous tree climbing lions, the Kyambura Gorge commonly for the chimpanzees and huge elephant sightings, the Mweya peninsula for the boat cruise along the Kazinga channel and yes the Crater lake drive is beautiful. Queen Elizabeth is capable of keeping you bussy throughout a 4 days visit with different activity per day. The Park can also be accessed by road through Mbarara from Kampala or through fortportal from Kampala. 

The Park can as well be reached by Charter flights that land at the peninsula or preferably in Kasese a few kilometers from the park. Independent travelers on Self drive in Uganda can easily access the park with a well detailed map provided by Auto Rental Uganda or still accessed by road with a guided tour. Car rental Agencies with self drive options can very much perfect in designing very attractive packages through Uganda including Queen Elizabeth National park but also very perfect in arranging car rental for self drive Safaris through Uganda. Here are a Highlights of Queen Elizabeth National Park and what you would opt to do during your stay for an inspirational Journey.

Game Drives for wildlife viewing. Considerably, Queen Elizabeth has for along time been refered to as a hidden wilderness treasure. With over 95 mammal species scartered around the kasenyi stretching down till the ishasha sector is incredibly beautiful. The biggest concentration of wildlife can be seen in the kasenyi plains a place also known for the tree cats. Lions and leopards are a very common sighing in this national game reserve. Herds of elephants, Hyenas, Water bucks, Uganda kobs, Buffalos, warthogs, Hippos, lions, leopards, civil cats and much more can be spotted. The Ishasha sector is a completely wildlife paradise that also habours The rare Topi and famous for the tree climbing Lions spotted on the Fig Trees on the southern circuit. The spotting chances in this park are promising and never disappoint.

The Kazinga Channel: In the middle of a bio diverse game reserve is a 40kms interconnecting water body between two great historical lakes. Lake Edward and lake George in between them is the famous Kazinga channel, a connecting water body where all much wildlife come to quench their thirst. It also doubles as a home of countless schools of hippos and a destination for many migrant birds. A boat cruise by Mweya lodge or Uganda wildlife Authority is impressive and a must do.

Chimpanzee tracking: Famous for tracking Humans closest relatives as an optional budget for kibale National Park, Kyambura Gorge is a perfect place to wonder in the valley escarpment and search for the chimpanzees. Located on the Eastern bounderies of the park and connecting to the Kazinga channel for about 11kms. The river beneath the Gorge is hippo throgged, herds of elephants and many other bird species are evident.

Ishasha tree Climbing lions: The southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National park is famous for spectating at the kings of the jungles hitching and lazily sleeping on the horizontal positioned canopy shaded trees. The up-close and personal or the feeling of encountering Lions viewed from your pop up Provided by Auto Rental Uganda Is a memomorable experience. There is so much to see in ishasha that just the lions. Hyenas, Topis, huge size elephants, leopards, buffalos, kobs, bucks, warthogs and schools of hippos at the campsite where the Democratic Republic of Congo is a just a Stone throw away.

The crater lake drive: The Crater lake drive is an equally impressive windy dusty but wildlife filled Track-way through some of the beautiful Crater lakes of the great Rift valley.  The same track starts or ends the Queens Pavillion. A standing thatched hat where the queen of England stood as he re-named the park from Rwenzori national park to Queen Elizabeth National park when he first visited Uganda in 1954. This same spot provides beautiful views over the Lake George and many crater lakes in the Eastern escarpment of the Great Rift Valley.

Ballon safaris: Run and managed by Mweya safari lodge, the balloon safaris are a new addition to the safari experience in Queen Elizabeth National park. Through the Kasenyi sector, all animals are seen from above in clear view. Opt to spectate at the lions and many animals from the above and see almost everything, places beyond the Drive tracks and places vehicles may not reach. 

Whichever activity you opt to take or choose some of the pre-arranged Trips by Auto Rental Uganda, everything is absolutely possible and impressive..

Saturday, 25 February 2017

8 reasons to Rent a Car for Self Drive Safaris in Uganda

Car rental for self drive safaris is a magical option for most inspirational journeys in Uganda and most parts of Africa. Uganda is still a so virgin country full of un-ending incredible adventures. From Rafting on the longest river in the world, spectacular and fascinating countryside with unending lush green vegetation, rolling hills and landscapes, incredible game for safaris, diverse cultural experiences, the ever growing birdlife, boat cruises, mountain hiking and yes meeting the most friendliest people in Africa as well tasting on our healthy local meals. Safari experts at Auto Rental Uganda will bring the undoubtable to reality, they will take you off the normal tourist routes, places where others never reach to discover because thats what we pride ourselves into

Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a car for self Drive Safaris in Uganda to enjoy your time in these beautiful lands.

·         Very friendly and affordable safari car rentals. Whatever your budget is, car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda or car rental Uganda will always be part in offering very affordable car hire rates. Be it a budget Toyota Rav4 or a tough utilitarian 4x4 car is still for an inspirational journey.

·         Well maintained cars.  Because we understand that you need value for your money and prefer a non hindered trip, because we also have a special attachment to our cars we make sure we perfectly maintain and service our vehicles for uninterrupted trips.

·         The feeling for self discovery. We understand how some of you prefer being behind the wheels and yes how you love self discovery. Car rental for self drive safaris is just the idea you can opt for an inspirational journey in Uganda.

·         Discounts on long term rentals. Renting a car for self drive in Uganda on a long period of time comes with rental benefits. There is a possibility of discounted offers on these long term rentals with many car rental agencies.

·         Professional safari Guides.  If you prefer to sit back and let the insightful and experienced driver guide take on the wheels, then yes. Renting a car with Driver is an amazing experience that you can still maintain your own trail or drive at your own pace.

·         No Hidden costs: Trust me there are never any hidden costs in car rental Prices and quotes. Usually the rental price by the trusted car rental agencies given to you includes comprehensive and some basics to aid a self drive safari.

·         Airport Transfers.  Normally many trusted car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will always offer free airport transfers and free car drop off at any of your locations. Other companies would charge a little for the service however you won’t be able to fall a victim of the airport taxi confusion and either way never meet airport transfer fees.

·         Paying On Arrival.  After you arrive and yes after you see the vehicle for approval. There is no way you will receive a car that you didn’t book. This is more convenient for Some of the independent travelers who need value for their money.

·         What you book is what you get: What you prefer on the home page and book is what you receive when you arrive. Get inspired with the right car you booked and have it approved. Usually the first impression to a self drive safari is the rented 4x4 vehicle.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Our Group Tour To Eastern Uganda. Sipi Falls

Uganda - The pearl Of Africa is un-doubtable the most beautiful, virgin and so lush green that every authuasiatic traveler never defies the fact that they fell  in love with the famous Pearl Of Africa. And so was Jan from Belgium. Jan has guided and travelled the world, he has led big groups to almost every corner of the world and yes he has travelled to Uganda. There was nothing that would stop his return and show his friends the beauty of Uganda. In part one of our Adventure, I will take you through the trip to the incredible sipi falls where our inspirational journey and into the wild began. Uganda is a very safe country and so are the drives on the countryside. Whether you’re doing a self drive safari or guided tour, you will definitely have an inspirational journey in Uganda. 

As agreed and picked up from the airport, Myself as the head Guide and David patiently waited at the airport with two Extended safari land cruisers and one small service car, after tjier arrival and immigration clearance, we headed to Victoria view guest house for a night in preparation for the next day when we would start our journey.

Our first day led us through the Eastern countryside of Uganda on the slopes of Mountain Elgon, The sipi Falls. Our first encounter was visiting the source of the Nile, the spot where the 6700kms length longest river in the world begins. At the same spot opposite the river stands a monument where John Hannington Speke stood as he observed the River Nile bubbling out of Lake Victoria. This was about 1pm as we decided to drive and head for our destination in Sipi. Through the exciting rural villages and towns, we arrived in the evening for our dinner and overnight. Sipi River lodge is a cozy and well built safari lodge nested in the middle of the main attraction in sipi, to be exact in the vicinity of the second waterfall.

The morning Adventure.

The morning after was the day for the adventure, a fun packed day and yes an active day of adventure. After a good hefty breakfast, we started our trek for the three spectacular waterfalls. We did start with the second fall in the vicinity of the lodge whose basement also has traditional caves for the sammya ancestors. Local guides should always be available to give you deep insights into this stunning area. The trek takes more courage and strength to hike through the three falls and yes all the three falls give a different experience. Through the local fields and plantations, the group was able to treck and look at the spectacular water falls from all angles and yes to the Top of the falls. It took about 5 hours of fun filled adventure and trekking the two waterfalls until we decided to descend down for the 3rd and longest waterfall. The water falls measure 70m, 80m and 100m respectively. The last fall is the most stunning and beautiful as viewed from different angles. It was time for lunch and yes I did organize them a picnic lunch at the most incredibly beautiful arena with spectacular karamoja plains and in view of the three waterfalls. It is always magical during the evenings with the best sunset observed from the hills.

The afternoon Encounter.

It was time up for getting deep insights about one of Uganda’s unique cultures with unique customs practiced in the sammya and Busoga regions eastern Uganda., THE PUBLICMALE CIRCUMCISION. Each even year, The bagisu and sammya tribes in Eastern Uganda subject males of 15years to a public male circumcision in a move of welcoming young boys into adulthood. Since the opening ceremony for the circumcision begins in October and this was September, we were privileged to have a demonstration of all the cultural encounters including the cultural encounter of the public male circumcision. There was an interaction with the locals and a study of the local way of life. After this were later embarked for our next destination, Mbale town for our dinner and overnight. Mount Elgon hotel is one of the best Hotels in line with a 4 star hotel, has a swimming pool and great views over the wanale hills of mountain Elgon. This marked the start of our journey in Uganda and yes, this was just the beginning of the adventure. This journey was designed on basis of “Building Expectations” and yes the incredible encounter the last two days was just the beginning. 

Join me next time as I take you through our group tour with Jan  through the wilderness of Murchison falls national park and beyond. Its commitment, Its adventure and yes its an escape into the wilderness for an inspirational journey of a lifetime.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Top Things to Do in a 10 Days trip to Uganda

Uganda – The pearl of Africa is undoubtly the most upcoming tourist destination. A country still virgin but amazingly beautiful. The wonders of Uganda in each corner of the country will always beat the expectations in you and always leave you wanting for more. From getting upclose and personal with the mountain Gorilla, spectating at the lazily sleeping and hitched lions in the huge Fig trees, the endless game in over 10 bio-diverse game reserves, the birdlife, Rafting on the longest river in the wild, absyling, hiking the challenging mountains, incredible landscapes and yes we never forget mentioning the friendliest people on the African continent. You forever feel at Home.

Below we take you through the Top Things you can do on a 10days trip in Uganda. The destinations  and what you can do on these planned days in Uganda day by day. Whether you are on a self drive car rental in uganda trip or probably on a guided Tour. This is absolutely possible in Uganda and either way will provide an inspirational journey.

The Kampala city tour on day One
Crazy is the right word, but have you thought that you can turn the crazy part of it as an adventure experience. Driving in Kampala is something for the experienced and the most patient. Kindly never attempt to drive in Kampala if you don’t have the above. Other road users are crazy drivers and its survival for the fittest, however driving and touring Kampala is something you must do on day one but as well can opt for the last day. The kasubi tombs, the Uganda museum, the Bahai temple and the Namugongo Shrine are some of the highlights you never want to miss out. If you are a night goer, The kampala night life is something you would like to try. Gatomato in bugolobi, Bubbles and cassablanca are some of the hangouts you would love to try out.

The Journey to Murchison falls National Park on Day 2
5 hours of Non-stop drive should be good to get you closer to the banks of the River nile where you would opt to cross with the ferry. However there is much more on the way than just driving. How about taking it slow to enjoy the drive and countryside. The ziwa Rhino sanctuary is something you would need to add to your adventure. This 70 acres of Land situated in nakasongola just close to River kafu is an ideal place for a stop and do something extra. After an interesting drive through the lush green vegetation and the exciting villages, opt to take a Rhino trekking activity in the sanctuary. It involves walking through the short bushy and thorny Acacia trees wondered in bird calling sounds that takes you close to the white Rhinos with a Ranger guide. It has always been an awesome experience for many travelers enroute Murchison. Through masindi the road should bring you to the southern gate of murchison. If you have some time, consider visiting the Top of the falls for a great sightseeing tour before you head to the lodge for your accommodation.

Discover the Wilderness experience of Murchison Falls on Day 3
Its always a bright day, A day full packed with adventure activities. An Early game drive is something you could always expect to be the best. Murchison falls is the biggest game reserve in Uganda and bisected by the longest river in the world. The Afternoon boat cruise is something you can always do after the morning game drive. Spice up the experience by hiking to the Top of the falls and be picked up at the Top for your accommodation. Nothing beats the experience of a sight at the strongest waterfall in the world. A 50m wide river banging and falling 45m in a 6m wide gorge, It is definitely incredible.

Transfer to The Primate capital of the world on day 4.
It is definitely the primate capital of the world and yes its absolutely interesting. The drive from Murchison is something you will need to know and get ready for. Its quiet a bumpy road and should take you about 7 to 9 hours depending on your nature and speed of driving. The local rural life is something you can expect on this day.  Arriving in the afternoon to your lodge for a relax or you could opt for a crater lake walk or a fortportal town walk as a colonial town and yes the most cleanest town in Uganda.

The Chimpanzee trekking or habituation on day 5
A must do if you’re in the vicinity of kibale forest national park. We do share 98.8% DNA with the chimpanzees and yes being up-close and personal is something you would definitely love to do. This can be done in the morning and afternoon for the trekking with maximum one hour with the chimpanzees. You could opt to do a habituation experience that involves spending a whole day with the chimpanzees  from as early as 6am. Whichever your budget and option, consider having a memorable experience.

Crater lake walk, Bigodi swamp walk and transfer to Queen Elizabeth N.P
The bigodi swamp walk a commuonity based eco-tourism site is something you don’t want to miss out in Bigodi. Over 13types of primates and a considerable number of birds is something you should do in bigodi. The crater lake walk from the bottom of the hills that takes you the highest point of the area with great views of the mountain Rwenzori ranges and the forest viewed from above coupled with the scenic views as you descend to the hills. You could later transfer to Queen Elizabeth and yes on a self drive safari, its absolutely eye catching. Depending on your time of arrival, you could also find time for an evening game drive through the kasenyi plains.

The Wonders of Queen Elizabeth National Park on Day 7
The cat family. The lions and the leopards are the eye catching attractions in this part of the park. Where you find the predators there are preys and so yes, a wide variety of wildlife in this park is something you could lookout in this bio-diversity park. The afternoon launch cruise on the Kazinga channel is something you would never want to miss out. This is done at the Mweya peninsula.

Through Ishasha for the Tree climbing lions on day 8
Through the ishasha sector you would opt to search for the tree climbing lions hitching in the Fig trees under the huge canopy leaves. Photographers will definitely find a treasure in photographing these lazily sleeping predators of ishasha. The route should also lead you through the rural life till the home for the mountain Gorillas of Bwindi.

The ultimate Gorilla tracking experience.
Getting up-close and personal with the great apes of Uganda is a lifetime experience. Only 800 are left in the world and yes half of these can be found in Bwindi impenetrable National Park of Uganda. Through the jungles of the rainforest with a ranger guide, you will be able to get to the gorillas on time, and after an hour of an encounter should be an awesome experience and off the bucket list. An activity that ranks Number one MUST DO in Uganda’s adventure. 

A scenic transfer back to Kampala on day 10.
Through the rolling and terraced hills of kabale and kigezi highlands the journey today should lead you back to Kampala. Its is quite a long drive from Bwindi to kampala estimated at 500kms and yes a lunch stop break can be had in mbarara town. The Equator line along along the way is something interesting to see. Spectate at the water outflows 5m-south and 5m-north of the main equator line. 

Whether your on a self drive car rental in Uganda or preferably on a guided tour in Uganda, either way the 10 days trip is one of a kind to highlight the best that Uganda has to offer.