Monday, 7 August 2017

Tips to choose car rental services in Uganda.

Despite the fruits enjoyed from car rental companies in Uganda, finding a reputable car rental company in Uganda can be an uphill task. This is because Uganda has many car rental companies, which offer different car rental services. Among the services offered include self drive Uganda, chauffeur services, airport transfers, hotel booking and permit booking(gorilla and chimpanzees). But  before settling down, you have to consider things, such as type of car to hire, type of hire( short term or long term hire), the right service to go for, and many other factors. It is, therefore, advisable to do your due diligence to ensure you land the right company with the best car rental services in Uganda.

Inquire from various service providers (car rental companies). Since Uganda has many service providers like Auto rental Uganda, Safari drive Uganda, Travel 256, Prime safaris, a random selection of 4-5 service providers is enough to get the right car rental service provider with the best car rental services. Be in touch with these service providers through different platforms either through the internet or phone-to-phone discussion with the car rental company. Among the things to be interviewed include the types of services offered, how conveniently can they be accessed, when the services are administered to their clients. Through this one on one discussion, will be able decide whether to take the offers or not.

Find out the type of rental car. There are majorly two types of car rental provided by these car rental companies to their clients–short term, long car rental .The short term normally ranges from 3 days to two weeks, and the long term is normally a month. The client decides whether to choose self drive or guided drive, in self drive one gets behind the wheels of the car himself or herself given the required requirements like travel maps, guided books (Brandt book) with current information about Uganda. While guided drive the client will require the services of the travel guide who is well versed with the day today current information about this country.
Visit car rental websites. From your random selection of car rental companies in Uganda above, the major issue is not checking and looking at information presented, but checking the reviews and comments from other clients who have already used car services before you. Ensure the company you are considering is positively rated by past clients. A company with the greatest number of positive comments from past clients is highly preferable.

Existence of the car rental company in Uganda. Like a saying, “old brooms are better than new brooms” It has come to my notice that a service provider with much experience in the field of travel serves better compared to newcomers. Mostly, big companies have huge fleets of cars for hire in Uganda. Also, note that established car rental firms have a good reputation in the industry because their services are top-notch. Avoid going for companies that are new in the market since they may not be able to meet your needs. How would you now that so and such company is less experienced in the field, they will   be delayed response to some of your questions.

Lastly choosing a car rental company in Uganda for service delivery, consider going to pick the car. Take your time to inspect the car before leaving the pick-up station. Inspect the car closely to see if there are any body damages. Make sure the lights and signals are working properly. Do not forget to check the mileage of the car. You have to be well conversant with the vehicle before driving away. Report to the relevant agency any defects you notice while inspecting the car.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Basic Uganda Car Rental Driving Information

With car rental in Uganda booked through different rental companies, travelers have the freedom to explore the pearl of Africa at their own pace especially on a self drive. As you embark on your driving excursion, please take time to read over the information below, since it is crucial to drive and rent a car in Uganda for your transport needs.

In Uganda you must be at least 18 years old and have had your license for a minimum of 1 year in order to rent a car through car rental companies in Uganda. If you are traveling with a child who is under the age of 7 years old must be secured in a child car seat or booster (whichever is more suitable for their size) and sitting in the back seat of the car. All other vehicle occupants over the age of 7 year are required to wear a seat belt at all times. Foreigners are required to move with International driving permits and passport visa.

Speed Limits
The following speed limits apply in Uganda unless otherwise marked by speed limit signs: city 50 km/h, congested city areas 30 km/h, open roads 70 km/h and on Ugandan highways 90km/h.

Rules of the Road
In Uganda you are required to drive on the left hand side of the road and have your headlights on at all times. Use caution when traveling in country areas at night as moose, deer and other game animals frequently cross roads and highways at night.

Gas & Diesel
Gas stations in Uganda usually work 24 hours a day. Diesel and petrol are available throughout Uganda and some of the stations accept credit cards.

In Uganda parking is permitted on the left hand side of the road in the direction of flowing traffic unless noted otherwise. Parking is generally regulated by parking meters in town with a one or 2-hour limit.

Insurance Information
All rentals require some level of car rental insurance but requirements often change from country to country. When renting a car in Uganda, the rate will automatically include all necessary insurances required by the country. Below we have gone into detail what insurance is required to be on your car rental and what other options are available to your through car rental companies. When renting a car in Uganda the insurance guidelines of Uganda will be in effect for the entire duration of the rental. Specific insurance information is found in the terms and conditions area of your rental voucher.

Required coverage
If renting a car in Uganda it is required to have fire and third party liability insurances. Car rental companies in Uganda are happy to inform you that all basic rental rates include these forms of insurance. Fire insurance provides an unlimited amount of coverage to the rental vehicle in the event it is damage because of a fire. Third party liability insurance generally covers an unlimited amount of coverage to people and property outside of the rental car that may be damaged.

Optional Coverage
There is a few optional insurances available for rentals commencing in Uganda including collision damage waiver, theft protection, and personal accident insurance. Car rental companies’ inclusive rental rates in Uganda will include collision damage waiver (CDW).

Rental Restrictions
Car rental companies in Uganda would like to make sure that you are fully aware of any restrictions that may apply to your car rental in Uganda. At this time, we would like to inform you to take a moment and make sure the vehicle you intend to rent would be suitable for your travel needs.

Monday, 31 July 2017

3 Tips to choose your car rental in Uganda.

Car rental in Uganda has become an immediate response to road trip. Whenever you think of traveling your next destination, think of the means to use during your trip. Let car rental be your companion to solve all your transportation needs. In Uganda, various car rental companies are there to help you tour Uganda in a short period. These car rental companies in Uganda offer various car rental services that would make the traveler feel relaxed and have no worries in Uganda while you are on your trip. Self drive in Uganda is one of the most prestigious services offered by these companies. Other services offered include airport transfers, camping services, car hire for other groups like the conference meeting, process permits to their clients (gorilla and chimpanzees) , book for accommodation so as  you can have enough rest and prepare for the  next day and with fresh minds. If you have not yet decided which car rental company  to take care of your transportation needs, its advisable to consider your major concerns about  a given car rental company in Uganda, the following tips would be among your major concerns of car rental in Uganda.

 The type of car to use. 

Besides Uganda’s cars being imported from Japan, commonly used cars for road trip and self drive include: Toyota Rav4s, Prado land cruisers, Custom vans, Nissan Patrols and for big number of people, the Costa shuttle buses are there to help you move from one conference area to another conference area if they are distanced apart. Most cars being used for safari in Uganda are high ground clearance ready to move in whatever situation in Uganda like the mountainous areas, during the rainy seasons where roads tend to be slippery and impassable. The good news is that they have 4x4WD cars and reserved in case you press an order. They are affordable to all travelers including the budget and luxury travelers.

Location and address. 

The address of the car rental company in Uganda stands a strong feature to direct their clients. Various methods are being used to communicate like direct calling through the phone numbers indicated on their websites or using the email. The location of the rental car gives a firm assurance that the company is fully registered by company’s act in Uganda. Many car rental companies in Uganda have built their fame on websites but not registered as companies in Uganda. So the location and address of a given car rental in Uganda assures the clients that they are dealing with right persons.

Services offered by car rental in Uganda. 

Nothing is hectic to have a car rental in Uganda and the rest of the activities left for you yet you are green about Uganda or know little information. With  well informed and trained tour guides, car rental companies in Uganda are  glad to inform their clients are not left alone to turn their safari into agony instead these  guides make their journey a joyful one and a remembrances. The guides provide each information you would like to know about Uganda. Besides having the services of the guide the rental car companies, they have options of self drive where you discover the new things alone, book for you the accommodation in advance and make your airport transfers easy not forgetting to book for you the permits which allows to see the major attractive animals which are the gorillas in the south western Uganda.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


While you are planning to self drive in Uganda, make sure your car is in good condition and careful examination, observation, scrutiny, probe, investigation of the car to be used before the start off point is referred to as car inspection. Car rental companies in Uganda treasure the life of their clients as an important gift. Besides hiring the car, Inspection and maintenance is mandatory in Uganda under the operation called Thika Salama that is countrywide. We recommend our  un safe conditions before causing an accident or crashes, mechanical problems at their infancy before they lead to extra costs and it helps to keep informed on the service while  on the road to avoid fines and penalties of un serviced car. One may be worried on what to inspect, below are some items that qualify inspection activity to match the standards on the road.

clients thoroughly inspect the vehicles before heading for the trip on a self drive. Not only inspecting and maintenance of the car, the driver should be knowledgeable on what to inspect and maintain. A well inspected car, helps to discover

Exterior View. The outside part of the car consists of the body, number plate, tires, wipers, stickers and the tank cover.

Car body .On inspection, make sure that you clearly observe the body has no scratches that may be brought accidents, or malicious people. The vehicle to hire should be free of crutches and attractive to move.

Tank cover. Make sure that tank cover is well tied and covered to avoid the dangerous items from entering the tank oil

Number plates. It is mandatory that every car on the road should have a number for easy identification for news cars, they are always given a grace period of three days always move with a log book of that car.

Tires .Notice whether the tires are about to wear and tear to avoid un necessary puncture while driving.

Stickers. Normally stickers on the car show the license and the validity period for driving that specific car. It further shows you the ownership of the vehicle to be in safe custody.
Interior view. The interior consists of the seat belts, chairs, brakes, screen washer, sterling fluids, serpentine belts, radiator water, and battery.

Radiator water. This cools the engine in case it is over heated make sure that the water in the radiator is enough to avoid over heating of the vehicle.

Battery. It is the car’s electrical and ignition system. A normal battery lasts 2-3 years. Without the normal functioning of the battery, you will be delayed or get stuck on the way. Below are the indicators that your battery is not functioning as expected. A sluggish engine start, low battery fluid level, engine light being weak, rotten egg smell from your battery, if the battery case has swollen. If all not seen then, your battery is functioning well.
Seat belts. Every car should have a seat belt to secure the occupant from harmful movement that may result from sudden stop or collision of the car. It should be well put on while driving for both the driver and the passengers.

Brakes. The brakes are so important on the car to protect you and your loved ones .The brakes of the hired car are noticed that are not functioning well on a road test and the following will be noticed; take long to stop, brake system warning light flashes, shuddering through your sterling wheel when braking, sloppy soft brake pedal, loss of grip when braking, feeling your car pulling left or right when braking.

Car chairs. The car chairs should be well cleaned together with the seat covers to give the occupant offer first impression of the interior view of the car.

The serpentine belt. A belt on the car engine that that works with the tension and the pulleys inside the car accessories .Provides power for the air conditioner of the car, the alternator, the steeling and sometimes the cooling water system. While inspecting, while inspecting the belt, you will hear squalling voice from front of the vehicle, the car engine over heats after short distance, the air conditioner will not work, and power steeling and Ac fails completely all this is done on the road test of your hired car before going ahead with your trip.

Steeling Fluids. Check whether the sterling fluids of the car leaks. The fluids help the wheel to move softly while turning the vehicle check whether the O-rings and seals are accessible. You may hear a mourn or a whine while trying to turn the vehicle

Emergency Equipment. Before the departure, make sure that you have the following equipment; spare tire, tools, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Chain or rope and the lifesavers. They seem to be minor and ignored by most drivers after checking all the necessary parts of the car. However, the above tools are the immediate response help to go ahead with in case you were in the absence of the delayed mechanic.

After all the inspection of the necessary items, then all is set for your budgeted trip to explore the pearl of Africa with all its hidden treasures.