Saturday, 9 December 2017

Car rental safety tips in Uganda.

Car rental is one of the leading partners of tourism in Uganda. It is through car rental that most travellers are connected to various tour destinations that have attractive and educative features to share with the society like the national parks, game reserves, museums and hot springs. When you wish to travel around the country and you would not want to be inconvenienced by the havoc of the taxis and other public transport around town. Renting a car should be an item on your travel budget thus helping to plan your day on privacy and do most of the activities with car rental in Uganda. As you plan to have a rental car in Uganda, safety should be your priority and below are safety tips for car rental hence a successful journey.

 Ensure that the car is in good condition. Before you drive the from the office, make sure that the car is mechanically in good condition and does not have any sign of mechanical breakdown on the road. This is done through checking various parts of the car system especially inside the car bornate. Check for the fluid levels like the engine, sterling, brake and the radiator water if it is enough. Check if there is a leakage of any of the fluids mentioned above. Further check the pressure of the tires or any puncture around before you start your journey. Lastly have a road test with the car to find out whether the  car  brakes  function well.

 Ensure that you possess the required documents for car rental in Uganda. Though this has been neglected much, it carries a significant purpose when you hire a car. Before you have finished the road test, make sure that you have a copy for your car rental agreement.  On safer side you’re driving permit should be near for presentation in case you were asked by the police man while you are a self drive trip in Uganda. A permit is an important document that needs to be carried always when you want to self drive and experience the journey on Uganda’s roads.

Ensure the rules of the roads are observed. Self-drivers in Uganda should take care on the road. They are a lot of things to meet like other road users- pedestrians, and cyclists. However, with all this in mind, the road rules should be kept live while driving. Do not over speed, do not over load, do not drive while telephoning and others that are very common to  drivers. While you ensure the road rules and regulations, then you are safe with car rental in Uganda.

 Ensure the parking slot is safe. Most of the travellers have sometimes faced a challenge of parking car rental in the city. The space for parking being limited and require parking fees both along the streets and recognized parking locations. Before you the park slots, make sure that all the car doors are locked and valuables are removed from the car like the money pass for the safety of the car rental in Uganda.

Thursday, 7 December 2017


When you feel like you want to rent a car and go self drive to exercise, you’re driving skills on Ugandan roads, a driving permit is necessary. Like any country, a driving permit is said to be the only international recognized document that allows us to drive on the roads. Not only driving, it’s also assumed that the person holding the permit is a skilled and professional driver unless put on the road test. It is used in substitute of a passport or a national identity card for other official purposes like opening up financial accounts, registering for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) due to its similarity in information presentation. Travelers planning to self drive in foreign countries are required to possess an international permit or a country’s recognized driver permit.  Not all driving permits allow drivers to drive every type of car due to its classification and specialization. The Face Technology a body that is responsible for issuing different classes of driving permits in Uganda. The classes include class A, B, CM, CH, DH, E, F, G, H, DL and I.
A.      Holders of class A are allowed to drive motorcycles only.
B.      Class B holders are allowed to drive cars  of carriage capacity of 5pax and can also drive class A 

Procedure for obtaining a new driving permit for first time applicants
 Obtaining a permit requires a series of steps to be followed, which include; 

Love and motivation.

Driving in Uganda is regarded as professional job and to be motivated is someone’s inner feeling to learn a new skill. With the motivation and love, you have for driving, look for a trusted trainer who is more trained to give more technics and basics for driving.

Training school.

 Before the training, obtain a learner’s or provisional driving permit from face technology at fee of shs 30,000 to allow the trainee access to the roads. Go for the basics and techniques of driving through a driving school or a permitted person to train.  Be attentive while learning to the basics of the training. The training is always hands on skill that takes an average period of 3-4 weeks. During the training period, the trainer should indicate an “L” sign on his vehicle the trainee must move with a learner’s permit while on the road in case the police asked for it. The L sign indicates that the trainer and the trainee should keep left while on the road.

Police test.

The instructor or trainer forwards the trainee to the police for eye testing and other practical testing like the reverse parking, box parking and through the road signs and rules that were previously taught by the trainer.

Permit issuing.

Collect all the necessary documents that include the learner’s permit to forward them to the face technology that is responsible for issuing the permits. The body collects all your bio data information into the computer and onto your card. A cash fee amounting to shs 60,000 is giver to the issuing officer. On paying the cash fee, the officer issues a temporary driving permit that is inform of a paper that has a validity of 3 months. Within a fortnight, the face technology calls or messages the applicant that his/her driving permit card is ready for collection. 

At this time, you are ready to pick your driver’s permit and order for a car rental hence self driving and improving your driving skills

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to get to the national park in Uganda

The national parks are the major cause for tourists to come in Uganda. Home to the wild life and in any case, they have to be protected in order to prevent the wild from encroaching on human activities and settlement. For any traveler on a safari trip, the national parks are a point of interest and the reason to hire a car in Uganda thus making the best itinerary of a trip. A point to remember is that Uganda boosts ten magnificent known national parks that harbor some of the endangered animals in the world like the mountain gorillas. The national parks in Uganda are easily accessed if a traveler followed the right criteria.  Below is how one can get to the national parks in Uganda.

The mode of transport. This is very crucial to get to the national parks. The fact that they are Rent a car in Uganda in case you do not own any and enjoy a self drive tour through the lush green jungles on the main high-way roads that link to the national parks of Uganda. It takes an average of 6-7 hours to reach long –distanced game parks from the city Kampala like the Kidepo national park in the north east of Uganda, Mountain Elgon in the East, Bwindi national park in the south-west and Queen Elizabeth national park in the west.
located in the urban centers, road transport is the cheapest mode to access them.

Means of transport. After identifying the mode of transport to use, the next is to find the means to reach the national parks. They are various means of transport but the most preferred one are cars in Uganda or any car from the rest of the world that is legally accepted to be driven on Ugandan roads. Safari cars in Uganda are best recommended to use as travellers plan to get into the national parks. They are well modified and customized for travelers to participate in various activities in the national parks like game drives and photograph taking. Among the customized cars available for use in the parks include Rav4’s, Toyota land cruisers and extended land cruisers.

Intermediaries. Most travelers have ignored the importance of the intermediaries to get to the national parks in Uganda. The intermediaries are the safari companies and car rental companies in Uganda that do most of the part that connect to the national parks of Uganda. Among the works that the middle men are involved include booking of accommodation around the parks, pick up from the airport and drop off  to the airport. Without the intermediaries, getting to the national park could be a hustle or in vain. It is important to use the intermedi
aries because they provide services that help travelers easily reach the game parks. Services like self drive that is fully packed with bradt guidebooks, travelers map or the GPs and chauffer driven with experienced and qualified tour guides in Uganda.

Permission. To get to the national parks in Uganda need permission in advance from the Uganda Wildlife Authority especially if you need to   visit the Bwindi national parks that harbors the mountain gorillas.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Auto Rental Uganda: Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.

Auto Rental Uganda: Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.: Self drive in Uganda is one of the joyful and exciting car rental services on Ugandan roads. It is through Uganda’s car rental that...

Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.

Self drive in Uganda is one of the joyful and exciting car rental services on Ugandan roads. It is through Uganda’s car rental that travelers are welcomed to Uganda’s road network since it is the commonest and cheapest means to use for transport across the country.  Self drive in Uganda begins at the time you are given the keys of your car after signing a binding agreement with the service provider (car Rental Company).  You can decide to have a self drive within city and experience the havoc of going through Kampala’s traffic jam or begin your journey on Uganda’s major roads out of the city; the Gulu highway in the North, the Masaka road to west and the Jinja road to the East. While on these roads, the rules and regulations should be maintained. 

Do not drink and drive.  This means you can drink anything as longer as it is not alcoholic. The excitement should not go high that you are driving a car in Uganda by yourself; you should assign some body to drive you if it is irresistible to stop drinking alcohol or have a rest and start your trip the next day when alcohol is out of your body. Remember Uganda like any other country the traffic rules against driving under the influence of alcohol are strict. Officers dressed in white uniform will stop you at any point of your way to check whether you are under the influence of alcohol.

Do not over speed on your way. The maximum speed required on the high ways is normally 80km/hr. and 50 km/hr. in the major urban centers. Remember when you rent a car in Uganda; it is not a rally car so the speed limits should be maintained as a must. Uganda has no roads designed for rally cars and speed kills in whatever case. Be cautioned that officers on the highways are always alert to detect your driving speed. If found guilty, a penalty will be charged and it will be your expense not the service provider’s expense. Here you are advised to drive with caution not to fall victim of driving speed.

Do not over load your car. If the seating capacity of the car rental in Uganda is 5, it should be
maintained and the luggage should be minimized according to the car size. Travelers’ cars are not exception from being checked by officers in white uniforms on the high ways. A penalty will be charged if found an excess on your car you hired in Uganda.

Avoid talking while on phone. It is really prohibited to drive while telephoning as one may lose focus on the road and end up colliding with another or skip off the road to end up in a trench. Always try as much as possible to avoid destructions while driving like makeups, messaging, talking to the passengers and waving to the outside people. Focus is what is needed on the road.

Common sense is also required when driving. In case of an accident always, stay at scene to prevent further consequences like fines and additional violation. Call the police toll free number 999 to send an officer at the scene

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Benefits for using car rental services in Uganda.

Renting a car in Uganda is one of the most done activity by travelers or anybody on a road drive into the interior heights of Uganda. For anybody to have Uganda at hand, he/she has to use one of the car rental services in Uganda  available because it involves discovering, exploring new things in different places of Uganda hence use of car rental services in Uganda. The commonly provided service in Uganda is self drive Uganda where you are behind the wheels alone and control of the car with no guidance of a tour guide. The argued benefits. When you are on a self drive in Uganda, you are able to improve your driving skills. It is always easy when you watch the driver turning the sterling wheel, step on the brakes and accelerator controlling the car on Ugandan roads before you sit in the driver’s seat to test your skills. At this time, panic increases and hands shake as the accelerator increases stopping suddenly for the first time in control of the car in Uganda. As you get used with that daily on the trip, all the panic on the sterling wheel diminishes and confidence in you recovers, as you become the master on the road hence improving your skills and gaining experience on the roads of Uganda.

Easy to contact Uganda’s authorities (Uganda wild life Authority). Through booking permits on your behalf (gorilla and chimpanzees), you easily connected to places and given gate paths to Uganda national parks. In this situation car rental companies in Uganda act as brokers to your side. For it would take a long time to contact the above-mentioned authorities as an individual. All your needs in regards to tourism activities are solved as they help to prepare your entire itinerary cost sheet including the estimated cost for fuel for the whole journey in Uganda.

Paid Insurance. You should be glad that rental cars’ insurance is fully paid before signing on their terms and conditions. Extra paid insurance on your travel is for own benefit in case of contingencies like health. This is particularly important in Uganda, where medical costs are high.

Privacy and freedom. While in a vehicle owned by one of the car rental companies in Uganda, privacy and personal freedom is enjoyed since it comes at low cost being inclusive of the budget from the minute you drive out of the airport car park to the time you drive back in. Having fun with your beloved ones is the greatest time to remember.

Provide travel guides.  It is not necessary that when you go for a trip you will have a tour guide. If you request for the service you will be offered responding to your request. Car rental companies will give you a list of experienced tour guides to assist on the road as its difficult drive and lack of important documents and qualify for self drive in Uganda. The requirements include; a driving permit and the age requirement above 18years.