Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Renting a Car in Uganda

The land locked country and the pearl of Africa, Uganda is blessed with mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, game parks, hot springs and every type of attraction you would think of. There is a lot to explore, and one of the best ways to do it is with a rental car typically owned by a Ugandan company. Renting a car in Uganda gives you the freedom to stop anywhere you want, when you want especially if you opted for self drive in Uganda. With a rental car in Uganda, your safari trip is literally in the palm of your hands—and you can steer yourself in whatever direction, whichever adventure you feel like in a 4x4 wheel vehicle.

Aim of this Guide

This guide provides travelers who wished to visit Uganda with up-to-date information on what and which car to rent and drive in Uganda. It takes you through reasons for and the renting process, advice you would wish to know specifically about  car rental companies in Uganda.

Why rent a car in Uganda.

Some of the payments of having your own wheels are obvious: you dictate the course of your day, your week or your whole trip, and not be confined to public means and airport taxis. Having your own car in Uganda will allow you to explore un reachable places like the suburbs and witness the life people go through that many travelers miss out

However, driving in Uganda is not easy at all. The roads are narrow, pot holed to some extent and still under construction. Traffic in the city that delays most travelers to reach  on agreed time, road signs are sometimes not clearly seen especially if you are out of the city which may make you get lost while on a self drive once you never moved with a road map. There are other things to consider as well, including traffic laws, the price of fuel, and driving time.

It is usually advisable to rent a car in Uganda especially to first time travelers to avoid the hassle of looking for public means of transport and being stranded at the airport. However, travelers that are adventurous enough or have been to the country before may want to consider renting a car and go for self drive services.

How to rent a car in Uganda.

Booking in advance your rental car from anywhere in Uganda is simple. Just enter your name, address, pick up/drop off dates and times and type of car, choose from the list while on Ugandan rental car websites. You can as well compare the costs for renting them. It is quick and easy. You can also call or email as indicated on the website.

What to Rent. 

 You can rent one of the fleets on the websites depending on what safari you want to make in Uganda. Luckily, most cars for renting are 4WD that are good for mountainous areas and in the rainy seasons, which tend to be slippery and muddy. They include the Toyota Rav4, Customized Van, Extended Prado Land cruisers, Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrols, and Customized Jeeps. There are both compact and full-size SUV options. Compact SUVs are smaller but have high ground clearance like the Toyota Rav4. They fit two to four people and come in both two door and four door options. Full-size SUVs are larger and more powerful. They have better ground clearance, a stronger engine, and more interior room. They are preferable on very poor roads like in the game parks or when traveling in large groups. Most full-size SUVs have four doors and can seat between four and seven people. All rented cars  in Uganda come with basic features, including air conditioning, power steering, power windows/locks, dual airbags, and a CD player/radio. Manual and automatic options are offered in every category in Uganda. Rental cars also include a safety kit for accidents and flat tires, a mobile phone in case of any emergency. It also includes extra emergency equipment like a Jerry can in case fuel used up in the middle of the journey.

In Conclusion

Renting a car in Uganda creates a unique trip experience to travelers. You get to know little-known places, stop when you want, and make your own adventure from scratch. Uganda is a fantastic travel destination no matter what direction you steer your adventure.

Monday, 22 May 2017

What car should I Rent In Uganda.

When my friends came to Uganda, renting a car was one thing they were sure they would do. With a small group, they wanted to be flexible and comfortable of a car they would as friends so there were four agencies to choose from for road trip through the pearl of Africa and for a minimum of seven days. Their plan was to self drive in Uganda from the capital Kampala to the Murchison Falls along the Nile and from the Nile to Kibale National park and Bwindi National Park but it was impossible since they knew nothing on the routes to the park though it was going to be a tiresome trip but an exciting one.

How they chose what car to use.

Obviously, they needed something big enough to fit all the four and their luggage. An Extended Toyota Land Cruiser was necessary since they had a travel guide who knew well the roadmap from Kampala to Murchison to Kibale and lastly to Bwindi National Park to track the Gorillas 

Without renting this car and the help of the travel guide, they would not have made it back to Kampala since they were first time travelers to the pearl of Africa. They decided to keep calm and follow the guide’s instructions and archived their first itinerary at the falls. In the park, the roads were unpaved. They definitely said it was a bit good to explore the jungles of the park.

It was expensive to import and cause delays though they had their own car at home, They had to collide on one decision of renting a car in Uganda since they were easily accessible through the internet. They checked all the car models that had been displayed by car rental companies on their websites. They decided to use the Extended Toyota Land Cruiser due to its features that could fit them and their luggage. It was familiar to them because my friend Peter had already used it at home. It was such a comfortable car to them that it had the deep freezer inside it. It was really fun and excitement in.

Due to its comfort ability, they persisted to use the same car until the end of their safari in Uganda. It maneuvered to move through the terrain mountainous areas of Bwindi since it was a 4×4 wheel drive

What kind of car should you rent?

If your itinerary sounds a bit like theirs, then you must rent a 4X4 wheel drive to maneuver the slippery and muddy roads during the rainy season. This also includes roads around National parks,un surfaced routes off the main high ways. For the best 4×4 options with the most space, look for a Toyota Prado Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrols.

If you are not coming with many people and do not need a big car, the recommendation is a Toyota Rav4 which is ideal for small families or couples and comfortable to self drive

If you are planning to move around the city and  visit Kampala’s attraction centers as well like the Namugongo shrine, Kasubi Tombs, still a Toyota Rav4,a Toyota Land Cruiser will be fine on a self drive

A customized van is also another choice if your group is large or seniors. It is good for budget travelers. They have the most room and it is recommended to take it for game drive as they do the best in poor road conditions of Uganda however it’s given  with a driver

Get in-depth information about the type of cars available at some of Uganda’s car  rental fleet? Look at pictures of the different cars you can rent in Uganda that you can check out here.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Benefits of self driving in Uganda.

Are you opting for a self drive safari or preferably Guided trips while in Uganda?, This is often a question and unbelievably, a complex issue to which few of us seem to give less attention of thought. Why should we? We all drive, don't we, so how difficult can it be? What is the problem? Most people arrive in Uganda to discover new things like its Mother Nature, local cultures and customs. They want to know the street signs, understand the intricacies of the road rules and even get a handle on the general nature of their fellow road users.
Worse, they are usually jet lagged after a long, sleepless flight and seem to have given little regard to the fact that, in many cases, they will be sitting on the "wrong" side of the car and driving on the "wrong" side of the road. How hard can it be?
How do they handle it? Some decide renting a car will do just fine and let someone else take care of the fine detail and others throw themselves on the mercy of friends and family. Below are the pros for self driving in Uganda on a 4x4 rental car.

Self drive helps travelers to find out their own way
Finding out your own way around the highways of Uganda has its own level of discovery, excitement and satisfaction, especially when that special restaurant, wonderful antique supermarket or take away hotel is discovered away from the well-traveled highway.

 Driving in a left-hand-country
Uganda is among the countries that drive on the left side worldwide. However, you have to remember the three general of forward automotive progress. They include "loose left, tight right" at intersections, enter and exit roundabouts on the right and give way to your left. Yes, car rental has its benefits but it also has its pitfalls, especially when the rental chariot gets up close and way too personal with another one.

 Paid Insurance. You should be glad that rental cars’ insurance is fully paid before signing on their terms and conditions. Extra paid insurance on your travel is for own benefit in case of contingencies like health. This is particularly important in the Uganda, where medical costs are sky-high.

Privacy and freedom.
 While in a rental car in Uganda, personal freedom is enjoyed since it comes at low cost being inclusive of the budget from the minute you drive out of the airport car park to the time you drive back in. Having fun with your beloved ones is the greatest time to remember.

Provide travel guides.
 Some car rental companies in Uganda will give you a list of experienced drivers. In case you opt for self drive car rental in Uganda, they will want any of your family member over a set age, or anyone over a set age to drive and that is 18years and above. It is important to know who  drives your rental car, because if you do not, it could cost you a lot of money, especially if an under-age, and inexperienced driver  takes it off your hands and plants it in front of another car or parks it on a wrong side in  case of a mechanical break down.

4 Tips and basics for renting a car in Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda is the process of owning a car for a short time. This is where the car rental agency entrusts their vehicle to travelers whether on self drive car rental or business trip with an aim of earning money. Economists say it is a reward for using the asset. The contractual agreement between rental car agency and the client for a given period for use of his/ her asset. Being a cost effective idea for independent travelers and being a trending change in. Travellers wishing to travel in a foreign country like Uganda are advised to use car hire services since shipping their own cars on board is more expensive compared to use the local car rental agencies for their designed purposes. Renting cars is not an easy task that one will come from the blue to opt for the service since you are not the owner. Below are 4 tips and basics for renting a car in Uganda.

Booking in advance. Due to the increased demand for the cars, they are not readily available. The owner has to be informed earlier before the awaited day to come. In this activity, websites have been used as tools to check for the availability. Through the websites, travelers or clients can email any rental company to give more details about a given car of choice or call directly by using the phone contacts that are displayed on their websites.

Inspecting the car. This major activity is done at the rental station. A physical done activity involving use of your eyes and hands. It is a proof to all what has been said against and nullifies wrong information tagged on the car. Inspecting the car the helps the person interested in it to incur double expenses. Expenses that had not been resolved earlier. It also calls for the road testing to prove the normal functionality of the car. This checks the engine, the brakes and all the necessary interior and exterior view of the car.

Negotiating. Though you have been told the best possible rate, it can be worth swinging by the rental counter to see if you can finagle your way into a better car. You don’t ask, you don’t get,” said Mr. so and so, the rental car consultant. Success with this strategy can depend on everything from the type and number of cars on the lot to the mood of the clerk. Nevertheless, some companies are happy to put you in a bigger, or less popular, vehicle for the cost of a compact — if it is in their interest. Always reach an agreement to attractive discount that will help you save for other scheduled projects hence being beneficial to you.

Choosing the best car. It is always common to fail to choose the right car meant for your purpose due to availability of many cars that serve the same purpose. From the point of mind, look for the car that you are familiar too like a Toyota Rav4, Toyota Prado landcruiser, Nissan patrols that are both manual and automatically transmitted the ball lies in your hands and choice matters. Normally a familiar rental car is more flexible compared to a new car though you experience the complexity part of it.
Lastly having gone all through the activities, renting a car will be an interesting activity you have gone through the jungles of a foreign land experiencing a class of skills like self driving on the bumpy roads of the country that are well maintained  throughout the year.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

6 Tips and basics for driving in Uganda

Driving through the pearl of Africa is an inspiring lifetime moment for independent travellers that one has ever thought of and out to experience through these beautiful lands. The fact that Uganda was colonized by the Great Britain, it had to adopt some of her styles and languages like driving on the left and using English as it official language. Moving around with a four-wheel drive over the terrain roads across the pot holed murram roads and bumpy surfaced roads that are fully maintained throughout the course of the year. Eager for an inspirational self drive car rental in Uganda, one is able to explore deep through Uganda’s hidden treasures that will leave you wondering in a blink of an eye. The hidden treasures include Uganda’s National game parks and reserves, cultural and traditional norms of the indigenous people like the Batwa, the historical sites and all physical features Uganda is embraced of like the crater lakes, Lakes and rivers. Driving in Uganda has basics to follow which include;

Be sober. An alcohol free driver is a perfect driver. Driving with the normal senses functioning limits one from being involved into accident related activities like car collision, involving into extra expenses arising from being drunk. A sober mind is more respected and givenhonor compared to the drunkard mind. However much you are addicted to the drinking, try as much as possible to reduce your addiction or move with some body skilled and experienced on the road.

Concentrate while on the road. All minds should be focused on driving. Leave whatever you are doing to make sure are on the lane to avoid collision with other road users that may result into extra expenses above your budgeted trip.Yes, we all love our phones and never allow leaving them due to the dot com error that invaded our minds.

Move with a driving permit. It’s said to be a legal  recognized document that allows drivers to  use the roads  in Uganda The permit is classified into different classes that   drives different cars the classes include,A,B,CH, CM, DL, DM, and DH. Failure to move with a permit may lead you to qualify to fines and penalties. However, foreigners are advised to travel with their International Driving permits

Follow the rules on the road. Self driving on the Ugandan roads, does not guarantee drivers to overlook the traffic rules and ethics. They include; do not drink and drive, do not over speed, do not over load and many others that guide you on the road. The normal driving speed along the  high ways is 80km/hr while in the urban centers the speed is at 40km/hr.

Be helpful while driving. Courtesy costs nothing. Remember you are not the only driver using the road, giving way to over taking cars, helping the other drivers in case of mechanical problem in case the car got stuck along the way. A helpful driver is a trusted driver.

Drive defensively. Follow what other drivers are doing once you find yourself in traffic. Reduce the speed to tune on the speed other drivers are driving too. Keep off a distance from the car in front to avoid car contacts.