Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Auto Rental Uganda: Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.

Auto Rental Uganda: Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.: Self drive in Uganda is one of the joyful and exciting car rental services on Ugandan roads. It is through Uganda’s car rental that...

Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.

Self drive in Uganda is one of the joyful and exciting car rental services on Ugandan roads. It is through Uganda’s car rental that travelers are welcomed to Uganda’s road network since it is the commonest and cheapest means to use for transport across the country.  Self drive in Uganda begins at the time you are given the keys of your car after signing a binding agreement with the service provider (car Rental Company).  You can decide to have a self drive within city and experience the havoc of going through Kampala’s traffic jam or begin your journey on Uganda’s major roads out of the city; the Gulu highway in the North, the Masaka road to west and the Jinja road to the East. While on these roads, the rules and regulations should be maintained. 

Do not drink and drive.  This means you can drink anything as longer as it is not alcoholic. The excitement should not go high that you are driving a car in Uganda by yourself; you should assign some body to drive you if it is irresistible to stop drinking alcohol or have a rest and start your trip the next day when alcohol is out of your body. Remember Uganda like any other country the traffic rules against driving under the influence of alcohol are strict. Officers dressed in white uniform will stop you at any point of your way to check whether you are under the influence of alcohol.

Do not over speed on your way. The maximum speed required on the high ways is normally 80km/hr. and 50 km/hr. in the major urban centers. Remember when you rent a car in Uganda; it is not a rally car so the speed limits should be maintained as a must. Uganda has no roads designed for rally cars and speed kills in whatever case. Be cautioned that officers on the highways are always alert to detect your driving speed. If found guilty, a penalty will be charged and it will be your expense not the service provider’s expense. Here you are advised to drive with caution not to fall victim of driving speed.

Do not over load your car. If the seating capacity of the car rental in Uganda is 5, it should be
maintained and the luggage should be minimized according to the car size. Travelers’ cars are not exception from being checked by officers in white uniforms on the high ways. A penalty will be charged if found an excess on your car you hired in Uganda.

Avoid talking while on phone. It is really prohibited to drive while telephoning as one may lose focus on the road and end up colliding with another or skip off the road to end up in a trench. Always try as much as possible to avoid destructions while driving like makeups, messaging, talking to the passengers and waving to the outside people. Focus is what is needed on the road.

Common sense is also required when driving. In case of an accident always, stay at scene to prevent further consequences like fines and additional violation. Call the police toll free number 999 to send an officer at the scene

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Benefits for using car rental services in Uganda.

Renting a car in Uganda is one of the most done activity by travelers or anybody on a road drive into the interior heights of Uganda. For anybody to have Uganda at hand, he/she has to use one of the car rental services in Uganda  available because it involves discovering, exploring new things in different places of Uganda hence use of car rental services in Uganda. The commonly provided service in Uganda is self drive Uganda where you are behind the wheels alone and control of the car with no guidance of a tour guide. The argued benefits. When you are on a self drive in Uganda, you are able to improve your driving skills. It is always easy when you watch the driver turning the sterling wheel, step on the brakes and accelerator controlling the car on Ugandan roads before you sit in the driver’s seat to test your skills. At this time, panic increases and hands shake as the accelerator increases stopping suddenly for the first time in control of the car in Uganda. As you get used with that daily on the trip, all the panic on the sterling wheel diminishes and confidence in you recovers, as you become the master on the road hence improving your skills and gaining experience on the roads of Uganda.

Easy to contact Uganda’s authorities (Uganda wild life Authority). Through booking permits on your behalf (gorilla and chimpanzees), you easily connected to places and given gate paths to Uganda national parks. In this situation car rental companies in Uganda act as brokers to your side. For it would take a long time to contact the above-mentioned authorities as an individual. All your needs in regards to tourism activities are solved as they help to prepare your entire itinerary cost sheet including the estimated cost for fuel for the whole journey in Uganda.

Paid Insurance. You should be glad that rental cars’ insurance is fully paid before signing on their terms and conditions. Extra paid insurance on your travel is for own benefit in case of contingencies like health. This is particularly important in Uganda, where medical costs are high.

Privacy and freedom. While in a vehicle owned by one of the car rental companies in Uganda, privacy and personal freedom is enjoyed since it comes at low cost being inclusive of the budget from the minute you drive out of the airport car park to the time you drive back in. Having fun with your beloved ones is the greatest time to remember.

Provide travel guides.  It is not necessary that when you go for a trip you will have a tour guide. If you request for the service you will be offered responding to your request. Car rental companies will give you a list of experienced tour guides to assist on the road as its difficult drive and lack of important documents and qualify for self drive in Uganda. The requirements include; a driving permit and the age requirement above 18years.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Car Rental in Uganda

Uganda is known for both efficient highways and polite drivers, so it's an ideal place to explore by car. Pick up your vehicle at car rental stations and start your adventure. With a Ugandan car rental, you can discover the picturesque roads and shielding range of habitats. You will find art, music, and stunning scenery in the heart of Uganda. Catch a concert around Kampala, the proud city of Uganda, and then enjoy Ugandan art and music scene in one of Uganda’s lucrative hotels, cinemas and sit in one of the storied cafes of Kampala. Rental cars in Uganda give you the freedom of going at your own pace and explore the whole country. It is easy and economical to arrange a car rental in Uganda. 

Take your Ugandan rental car on the trip of a lifetime with a self-drive throughout Uganda. With diverse itineraries and information from locals, you are guaranteed a unique adventure in Uganda.Car rental companies in Uganda pride themselves on providing high-quality car rental services in Uganda at the best available rates, guaranteed. 

Why Rent a Car in Uganda?

Rent a car in Uganda and experience an authentic tour of this fantastic and historic nation, the pearl of Africa. From Kampala to the west a region that is blessed  with national parks shielding a range of habitats that embraces everything from snow-capped parks and tropical rain forests that lie in the Rift Valley lakes and forest-swathed volcanoes-not forgetting some vast tracts of archetypal African Savannah.  In the north the region that is evenly, thought of by tourists but stunning with top attractions like the Murchison falls national Park, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and the Kidepo Valley national park. The Karamojong cultural groups are yet interesting and entertaining to stay around and chill together in their homesteads called Manyatta. These  regions are  easily accessed in a half a day while on a self drive with a sturdy 4x4WD car rental vehicle in Uganda hence a reason to rent a car in Uganda

Get Yourself a Luxury Car Rental in Uganda

When the ultimate in comfort and top-of-the-line engineering are a priority, a luxury car rental in Uganda is the obvious choice. Car rental companies in Uganda offer a wide selection of only the finest cars that range from small SUVs to big SUVs, available in locations all around the country to make picking up and dropping off your vehicle a breeze. Search for your luxury car in Uganda to find the perfect option for your travel needs and let them ( car rental companies) do the rest of the hard work; your dream car is only a few clicks or a call away! 

Arranging a Ugandan Car Rental with car rental companies

Renting a car in Uganda could not be easier when you book online with car rental companies. This involves comparison of rates from different car rental companies trying to figure out the cheapest car rental in Uganda. However when you get  the company of your choice it is made easier by filling in the forms so as to receive your request in advance and allow preparations and arrangements for your car rental in Uganda.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Car rental guidance in Uganda.

Uganda is a perfect place for travel and car rental Uganda the best match for your transport means. In a less than a fortnight, you are able to travel your preferred places of interest behind the wheels of your 4x4WD car rental in Uganda. Through the hills and valleys, lush but ordered tangled green jungles, car rental in Uganda extends the services to the travellers while on their way to the destinations 24/7 and stay in touch with the car rental company in Uganda. The car rental services are indeed a boosting factor to stay focused on the surfaced roads in Uganda. As a traveler, you would like to do it alone(travel) especially the self drive service but guidance is required however much you know to drive. The basics for driving in Uganda and car rental concepts are to be lectured before you take on your decision of car rental in Uganda.

Driving in Uganda.  

Like most of the British colonies, Uganda drives on the left side; all drivers must be qualified with at least class B or an international driving permit. Drivers must be of required age 18 years and above.

Car rental concepts.

On your arrival in Uganda, you are picked up by car rental representatives of whom you are lectured about the history of Uganda and the car rental company in Uganda. As a traveler who needs  to self drive in Uganda you will be required to  present all the necessary documents  like a valid driving permit, passport and of course the  fee for the service in Uganda.

Car rental options

These car rental companies in Uganda do have option for travelers to decide. The options for car rental in Uganda include self-drive rental options; un limited mileage options, one way rental options and chauffeur driven options.  The commonly applied rental options in Uganda are the self-drive, chauffeur driven and un limited car rental options. The unlimited mileage means that there is no limit for miles to use the car .The charge for car rental will mean constant despite the amount of miles traveled. Chauffeur driven is where car rental companies do provide with experienced driver to the travelers and guide them  while on the trip whereas self driven car rental options is where  one sits behind the wheels and takes control of the car. One-way rental is where the traveler goes with the car and leaves it in a given location notified to the car rental company in Uganda. However, one to qualify for self-drive and un limited mileage one should have a valid driver’s license.

Types of cars in Uganda.
They are different types of cars in Uganda meant for hire for different purposes. The commonly used cars in Uganda are safari vehicles that have been mainly used by travelers in Uganda. The cars are both four-wheel drive and two wheel drive cars used on the roads. The four-wheel cars are high ground clearance to maneuver through the difficult times of your travel in Uganda. Most of the two wheel drive cars in Uganda are low ground unable to travel through the valleys and mountains of Uganda. Among the cars used in Uganda are Toyota rav4, Prado land cruiser, Toyota Primo cars etc.

Monday, 23 October 2017

How to get cheap car rental deal in Uganda.

When you travel, always plan on how to get a cheap car rental deal for your journey. For it helps the traveller to save big on car rental in Uganda. Most travellers have hurriedly rushed to rent cars in Uganda and find it more expensive at the end of the renting period. This is due to lack of consultation and guidance about car rental in Uganda. Uganda has many car rental companies, which provide efficient car rental services to the travellers. The services include self drive and chauffeur driven services for all categories of travellers in Uganda (budget, mid-range and luxury travellers). To find a cheap car rental deal and discount is normally not easy  for travellers, below is how one can get a less discounted car for his/ her journey in Uganda.
Consult the car rental company in Uganda.   As a traveller, it is your duty to consult for more inquiries about the car. In consultation, find out how much is to rent a car in Uganda, Is fuel paid for at the time of renting, usage and after renting.  Through consultation, the traveller will be more engaged with the car rental company or the owner of the car and finally he/she will have a deduction on the cost of renting a car in Uganda.
Carry out comparisons on price rates. Ignorance is not defense to some travellers, it is not good to consult only one car Rental Company in Uganda, It may be expensive now but as a traveller consult at least 3 to 5 car rental companies. The cheaper car rental company in Uganda   that provides good services is the one to match with, for it will help to save big on car rental in Uganda.
Travel as a group. When you travel in large numbers, the costs are always shared among members in a group. This includes the cost of hiring a chauffeur and fuel expenses. At times, the car rental company in Uganda may offer the car at a discounted price compared to a sole traveller.
Consider travelling in the off-season.  The costs for car rental in Uganda are always low during the low season. In Uganda, seasons are determined by precipitation patterns, which is the dry and wet season. The off-season is in the wet season and it is in mid-March to mid-May and mid-November to mid-December. They are fewer travellers during the low season due to bad weather and this reduces the costs for renting a car in Uganda.
Find out the cars available for use.  Since Uganda is hub for tourists, cars for hire are always busy transporting travelers and their luggage. In order to get a cheap car for rent in Uganda, it is advised to book a week before you plan to have your flight in Uganda. If you book at the time you arrive in Uganda, car rental companies will raise the costs of the car you need because the urgency for the car will be high and you will have no option.